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Ignite the holiday spirit with a red Christmas flower bouquet from DiaFlower. This stunning arrangement is filled with vibrant blooms that represent the warmth and joy of the season. Enjoy the convenience of free half-hour delivery in Dubai and ensure your celebration is decorated with the freshest, brightest flowers. Get into the festive spirit with a special 35% discount when you purchase this bouquet, which is a visual delight and great value for money. Whether decorating your space or sharing as a thoughtful gift, DiaFlower’s red Christmas bouquet epitomizes holiday charm—order now for a fun and energetic holiday experience.

Indulge in the festive charm of the season with our Christmas Collection. Adorn your space with the timeless beauty of Red Roses, Pine Cone Gold, Asparagus leaves, Ilex Red, fragrant Eucalyptus, and whimsical Christmas leaves.

AED 300
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This festive arrangement features vibrant red roses, shimmering gold pine cones, delicate asparagus ferns, vibrant red ilex berries, and fragrant eucalyptus for a Christmas Day touch that’s both classic and modern.


Red roses – symbolize love and beauty
Gold pine cones – add a touch of luxury and sparkle
Asparagus ferns – provide a delicate and airy touch
Red ilex berries – add a pop of color and festive cheer
Eucalyptus – releases a refreshing and calming scent
Perfect for:

Mantle decor
Doorway accents
Holiday tablescapes
Bring the beauty of nature into your Christmas celebration with this stunning arrangement!

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