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Great service and product. Recommend
Angelina Sarkisyan
Angelina Sarkisyan
7. September, 2023.
من أفضل محلات الورد اللي مرت علي 👍🏻والموظفين وايد متعاونين وتعاملهم راقي الله يوفقهم ❤️ Really the best followers shop ever 👍🏻
Um Maktoum
Um Maktoum
1. September, 2023.
I so love the flowers. The best so luxury and very very very very nice. I recommend this shop you will never regret for the price of the quality of their work. You made my day thank you💕🫶
Reah Lomangaya
Reah Lomangaya
15. August, 2023.
Very good quality smells amazing fresh flowers and professional service ❤️
Nour Elhouda Elhamel
Nour Elhouda Elhamel
3. August, 2023.
She loved it! Great service. Very smooth. Overall a great job
Andre Pemmelaar
Andre Pemmelaar
3. August, 2023.
Thank you 🤍 I received the flowers fresh, the bouquet is exquisite.
Camille Alfaro
Camille Alfaro
3. August, 2023.
Perfect fresh flowers 😍😍😍
Bint Shyoukh
Bint Shyoukh
31. July, 2023.


Welcome to Dia Flowers

The Best Online Flower Delivery in Dubai

Día flowers provides the best online flower delivery in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman. It’s an online Flowershop that delivers, fresh, handpicked, beautiful flowers to your door steps. We have the just right blooms for every occasion, be it making someone feel special on their birthday, sending them get-well-soon wishes, or lifting their mood on a gloomy day. Our captivating flower arrangements will convey your emotions and brighten up your loved one’s day.

Preserved long life roses

Experience the natural beauty of roses that last for months or even years with our preserved long life roses. Perfect for home décor, weddings, and special events, our roses require no maintenance and come in a variety of colors and arrangements. Shop now and discover the convenience and luxury of preserved long life roses with 1 Year Warranty Card

Show Happiness with Every Bouquet

At Dia Flowers, we offer a wide range of flowers, from classic roses to rare orchids, tulips & Holland Special Arrangement. Our procurement partnership is with the world’s finest growers, dedicated to excellence and quality. We are meticulous about each stem, ensuring that only the fresh, vibrant, and delicate flowers make it into our bouquet arrangements.

Customized Bouquet Arrangements

When it comes to flowers, every person has a unique taste, which is why we at Dia Flower offer customized arrangements tailored to individual customer’s preference. So, if you are in search of the best customized online flower delivery  in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman? Look no further! Dia flowers are committed to providing you with the highest-quality flowers with unparalleled online flower delivery in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman within 45 minutes.

Order now and experience the trance of fresh blooms delivered to your door!

Flowers Delivery Dubai Buy a Famous Variety of Bouquet Flowers

Dia Flowers has been operating in Dubai since 2018, making its name by delivering fresh flowers faster than you can imagine. Fresh flowers are an excellent means of communicating love and friendship. Some things indeed speak more than what words could say. The same goes for fresh flowers. With the fastest flowers delivery Dubai, we also ensure that there is no compromise in the freshness of these blossoms.

Nothing is more pleasurable than a bouquet of fresh flowers on your doorstep whenever you want. Therefore, Dia Flowers has been so popular among the residents of Dubai. With a commendable 1-hour super-fast delivery, we are ready to rejuvenate your day with our garden-fresh beauties. You can easily place an order directly on our website and get your bouquet of flowers in Dubai within an hour.

Why Use Online Flower Delivery UAE For Sending Flowers?

Flowers Delivery Dubai from Dia Flowers offers you the best customer service you would have ever imagined. Our aim has always been to provide the utmost satisfaction to our esteemed customers. For that, we emphasize completing timely deliveries, providing that we deliver the best quality flowers.

For same day delivery flowers Dubai, Dia Flowers is your best option. As the world is experiencing a technological revolution, we are one of the first flower shops to adapt. Our website allows you to place an order within mere minutes that suit your requirements. Once you place the order, we will deliver your bunch of sweet-smelling flowers to your chosen place within 60 minutes.

What Kinds of Flowers Are There?

Online flowers UAE, provided by Dia Flowers, offers a wide range of variety over its products. We deliver fresh flowers of many different types that are more than enough to restore the freshness and bliss of any occasion. Our wide variety of flowers includes fresh sunflowers, roses, tulips, gerberas, orchids, lilies, carnations, and much more.

We also create a handmade bouquet of flowers in Dubai for customers. Apart from that, you can get our premium boxes of specific flowers that go great as wedding decorations. Our range of plant pot flowers is most recommended for outdoor events to act as icing on the cake. Overall, we deliver fresh flowers for almost every occasion.

Now You Can Buy Flowers for Every Occasion At The Best Flower Shop in Dubai


Let it be a wedding, engagement, or birthday party. Dia Flowers, the best flower shop in Dubai, offers you premium quality and garden-fresh flowers to make your occasions more fruitful and memorable. Suppose you are concerned about where to buy flowers in Dubai that we can deliver instantly. In that case, there is no better place than Dia


We can deliver your orders within an hour to your specified location. Just place an order on our website and put it where you want your flowers. We will be there immediately. We have been carrying out the fastest flowers Dubai delivery and pleasing our customers ever since.


Flowers Delivery in Dubai on Valentine’s Day


Want to surprise your date with fresh red roses on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, as Dia Flowers has got you covered. We deliver flowers for all special occasions to make your memories filled with happiness and bliss. On the occasion of Valentine’s, we offer premium hand-crafted rose bouquets that are simply out of the world in terms of beauty
and fragrance.


These will surely make the day of your better half and put a great smile on their face. We believe celebrating the moment is the most important thing. Hence, we always focus on delivering flowers to your special occasion within mere minutes. Our online flowers UAE have been recognized all over the country for this.


Flowers Delivery Dubai on Weddings


A wedding is probably the most crucial occasion in a person’s life. It is an exchange of smiles, laughs, and a promise to be together forever. We rejuvenate the sanctity of weddings by delivering the best flowers according to the theme of your function. You can order your custom pick of flowers from our website effortlessly, and we will be there for you.


We ultimately take responsibility for planning, decorating, and setting up your event. We have expertise in setting up wedding decorations all across UAE and have always left with pleasing customers. Please browse through our wide range of flowers today and select your custom pick. We will ensure freshness and timely delivery.


Online Flowers UAE on Birthdays


Birthdays can be made even more special with the flourishment of fresh flowers decorated all across. Dia Flowers is also taking orders for setting up birthday parties and making them an unforgettable occasion. Our flower boxes and plants are pretty famous for small-scale events that are pocket-friendly and amazing simultaneously.


We offer same day delivery flowers  Dubai for events. You can order or call us in advance regarding the event details. We will be there in no time and transform the place into heavenly bliss.


Flowers Dubai Delivery in Other Occasions


There are many ungodly events where flowers can come as a handy gift. Whether it be Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Teacher’s Day, and more, we have your back for every event and occasion. Our goal is to deliver happiness all across the world. To achieve this long haul the best way, we provide some of the freshest, handpicked, and premium quality flowers on the same day.


Call us at +971-4-255-5434 and get all the information you need. You can even WhatsApp us at +971-55-422-7757 with your event details, and we will craft the best package for you. We can deliver freshness to you on every occasion. So what’s the wait for? Call now or directly order floral goodness from Dia Flowers and get them delivered within 60




Benefits of Same Day Delivery Flowers in Dubai


People often wonder if there is a flower shop near me that can provide me with same-day delivery of flowers for my event. Dia Flowers is the answer to this question every single time. We don’t only offer you same day delivery of flowers, but we do that in the least time.


Same day delivery flowers Dubai have uncountable benefits. Firstly, flowers’ freshness is ensured when delivered right when needed. For occasions and events, flowers should be set up at the last moment to give the most premium and fresh feeling. Hence, Dia Flowers emphasizes same day delivery all across UAE.


How Long Can These Flowers Stay Fresh?


Our carefully handpicked and premium quality flowers can stay fresh for easily about a week or more. However, this depends on how they have been handled and what environment they have been stored in. Please keep them in a bright place with enough sunlight and oxygen influx. Sprinkle water lightly to keep them crisp and lovely.


The freshness of flowers also depends on the types of flowers. Some flowers last longer than average as they do not require much light. Dia Flowers has been in the flower business for more than four years. We ensure that you get the freshest flowers delivered to you that can last longer and provide you with that fantastic fragrance for the longest


Where Can I Send Flowers in UAE?


We have two walk-in stores located in Dubai. One is situated at Dubai Mall on the ground floor. The other one is located in Downtown Dubai at the City Walk. Apart from that, we deliver our products all across Dubai within an hour at your chosen place. We recommend you book your orders beforehand for the events you want them for. We will prepare them and bring them to the desired location at the right time.


All of our flowers are freshly picked from gardens, and not even one flower is stale. We guarantee freshness to our customers and provide them a hassle-free delivery. For more details, you may contact us through call or WhatsApp. We would love to entertain your queries and give you ideas on making your event the most memorable one with our
assortment of flowers.



Flowers delivery Dubai by Dia Flowers is the best in town. We have expertise in managing wedding decorations from scratch. If you are looking for the best flower shop in Dubai, there is no better option than Dia Flowers. We have a wide range of flowers such as roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, and much more. A combination of handpicked fresh flowers works best for weddings and similar events.


We can organizers different settings of flowers according to the theme of the occasion. We can match color themes with the same colored flowers to enhance the event’s ambiance. Apart from that, flower boxes and plant pots can further add a touch of royalness to weddings. We have so many ideas to make your wedding day a success. Hence, you do not have a thing to worry about at all. Call us now and get a quote!


With same day delivery flowers Dubai, we even take care of the complete decoration in your event. We put our professional staff to work in turning your event into a memorable success. We take full responsibility for the event’s planning, decorating, and setting up. Get the best flowers Dubai delivery done in only 60 minutes.


How to Make a Fresh Flowers Arrangement?

A commendable fresh flower arrangement can be made by someone with sufficient knowledge and expertise with flowers. Our team comprises talented and experienced individuals who make flower arrangements most appropriately. After the arrangement has been made, our logistics team will take care of the delivery of goods at your location.


Flowers are delicate beauties and need to be handled carefully. Hence, our logistics team pays special attention to dispatching the flowers in their original state to the location. Our unique delivery vans are fitted with high-end air conditioners that provide a suitable environment for flowers to sustain them. Have us on board for the best flower delivery Dubai has ever seen.

Send a Beautiful Floral Arrangement to Your Friend in Dubai


Friendship is a lovely bond that can do wonders in a person’s life. We understand this relationship and the value it brings to lives. Hence, we also deal in fantastic flower arrangements that we can send to your friends and close ones. If you are wondering where is a flower shop near me that can provide a beautiful bouquet for gifting a friend, then look no further. 


We can make floral arrangements according to your preferences and requirements. We can craft an effortlessly custom arrangement for you that can act as a fantastic friendship token. Please browse our website’s broad spectrum of flower categories and choose what best suits your personality. Please place your orders and leave the rest to us, and we will ensure that you get your flowers within an hour.


Adding Some Sunshine to Every Birthday is Easy with Flowers Online in Dubai

The best delivery of Online flowers

UAE has ever seen is brought to you by Dia Flowers. Birthdays are a great way to celebrate the existence of a person. What value that person puts in the lives around him can rejoice on this occasion. Flowers seem to act as a happiness catalyst at birthday parties and similar events. It is a state-of-the-art level decoration that people will remember for years.

It is proven by thorough research

That a person is reminded about places and experiences through the fragrance they smell at that time. Our flowers are packed with a fresh scent that comes naturally from them. This fragrance takes the person experiencing the smell into another world of joy. Dia Flowers can make every event a success by accommodating lovely-smelling flowers. Dia Flowers is who does that for you.


How Do You Fill Out A Flower Card? 

Flower cards are a great way to convey beautiful messages to the people you care about. You can write amazing quotes and personalized messages on the cards. Dia Flowers has got you covered for this by including custom flower cards and the orders. You can contact our team and recommend what your flower card should look like.


People Also Ask: FAQs

Is it possible for my order to be delivered today?


Yes, in most cases. We can get your order delivered today if it is placed before 12 PM. Our fast delivery can take 1 hour on average. Contact us

Is-same day delivery expensive?


Express delivery might cost you more than regular delivery. However, there are no hidden charges. Every Dirham we charge will be specified clearly before delivery. We recommend our users opt for same-day delivery to ensure that the freshness of the flower is intact.

Can I pay online safely?


Absolutely! You can leave all your worries aside and pay using a 100% secure payment gateway from Dia Flowers. You will get a confirmation message or call once your order has been processed. You can pay online using your credit/debit card. Ensure that your card is available for online payments.

Do I get add-on options while purchasing flowers?


Flowers delivery Dubai by Dia Flowers offers you add-ons on your purchase while selecting items. You can also add chocolates along with your order of flowers. This is suitable for Valentine’s Day. We include premium chocolates wrapped together with the flowers, giving a beautiful look.

Can I select different sizes for bouquets?


Our online flowers UAE offers you size options on flower bouquets. You can opt for large or medium-sized bouquets of your chosen flowers. 

Does Dia Flowers have a physical flower shop near me?

Yes, we do have. We have two physical flower shops in Dubai. One is located in the Dubai Mall on the ground floor, and the other is Downtown on the City Walk. We also conduct flowers delivery in Dubai from our storehouses directly to your desired location.

What kinds of flowers does Dia Flowers offer?

Flowers delivery Dubai done by Dia Flowers can be customized according to your needs. We offer a wide selection of splendid flowers such as roses, lilies, tulips, carnations, sunflowers, and much more. Please browse our website and choose whatever suits your needs the best. You may call us to get any queries addressed right away.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it

Very good quality smells amazing fresh flowers and professional service ❤️
Nour Elhouda Elhamel
من أفضل محلات الورد اللي مرت علي 👍🏻والموظفين وايد متعاونين وتعاملهم راقي الله يوفقهم Really the best flowers shop ever 👍🏻 ❤️
Um Maktoum
She loved it! Great service. Very smooth. Overall a great job
Andre Pemmelaar