1 Stem

White Orchid

AED 365


A special box filled with 1 fresh orchid packed with a pinch of magic

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Steps to make your DIA plants last longer and fresher

– The first step is to find the right plant for you. Do you want a plant with bright green leaves or are you looking for flowering plants?
-The most important tip in caring for houseplants is to give them the right amount of water. Remember that you have to keep the soil moist
– Ensure that the plants are exactly where it needs to be. Choose a spot in your home that allows the plant to get enough sunlight in terms of quality, duration, and light intensity. Do not place the plants in direct sunlight, instead, place them in a well-lit room with plenty of indirect light. Flowering plants need 12-16 hours of light per day while leafy plants need 14-16 hours of light per day.
-Houseplants need good fertilizer because they do not have a regular source of replenishing nutrients like outdoor plants.

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