Pretty in Pink

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The “Pretty in Pink Harmony” bouquet features lovely pink hydrangeas, delicate Ohara roses, charming spray roses, vibrant fuchsia carnations, wax flowers in soft pink, and elegant white anthuriums. This arrangement combines various shades of pink with contrasting white, creating a stunning ensemble that exudes beauty, grace, and a touch of tropical elegance.

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AED 230
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Steps to make your Dia Flowers last longer and fresher :

  • Unwrap and recut the stems as soon as you can. Place the stems straight into a bucket of clean, tepid water (NOT COLD WATER) as soon as possible after cutting.
  • Make sure the vase is clean.
  • Place in a cool place away from heat but the Roses prefer warm water.
  • Feed them flower food or sugar every 2 days.
  • Change the water regularly.

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